The Ants and the Prophet

The Ants and the Prophet

  • Running time: 16 minutes
  • Age: 5+
  • Released 2 April 2013
Ants have huge families so you can imagine the problems for Daddy ants and Mummy ants trying to look after their children, especially when they’re as mischievous as Jamaal and Jameela. When followers of the blessed Prophet Muhammad set up camp near Daddy Habib's anthill he immediately sees an opportunity to stock up on food. But Jamaal and Jameela have other ideas which almost lead to disaster. Children learn from this story about how much the Prophet cared about even the tiniest of God's creatures.

From 'Kitab al-Jihad', book 15 of Sunan abi Dawood. 

Abdullah ibn Mas'ud (ra) reports: “We were travelling with the Messenger of Allah (saws). He went to relieve himself. We saw a bird (humarah) with her two young chicks and we captured her chicks. The bird came and began to flap her wings in distress. Then the Messenger of Allah (saws) came and said, ‘Who has made this bird upset by snatching her chicks? Return her chicks to her.’ He also saw an ant village that we had burnt. He asked: ‘Who has burnt this?’ We replied, ‘We did it.’ He said, ‘It is not right for anyone but the Lord of fire to punish with fire.”

Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani)

Reference: Sunan Abi Dawud 2675

In-book reference: Book 15, Hadith 199

English translation: Book 14, Hadith 2669